Septic Inspections

If the home you are looking to purchase is not on a town sewer system you will most likely be on a private septic system and now before the purchase of the home is the time to also have this inspected. The septic system is a very expensive system if it needs to be replaced so spending $225 to $350 now is a very smart decision in your home buying decision. The septic system could be functioning fine now with only 1 or 2 people living in the home but when your growing family is moving in you are going to have a larger use of water typically and the septic system might not be able to handle the additional load.

Carolinas Home Inspections does not perform your septic inspection but can help you out with getting one scheduled depending on location.

We have some trusted vendors that we know provide a high level of service for our clients. We try and actually schedule your septic inspection for you at the same time as your home inspection to try and keep things simple for everyone if possible. We do not charge any extra to schedule your inspection than if you called these companies yourself. Below are a couple of septic inspection companies that we have worked with in the past.

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